For Immediate Release: May 19, 2005
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The Pottery of Mata Ortiz, Mexico
A Lecture and Video Presentation by Bev Kilpak

Come hear the inspiring story of how a boy's curiosity revived a village and an ancient art form. Bev Kilpak, RCC Computer Center Instructor and amateur anthropologist, will give a lecture and video presentation on the Pottery of Mata Ortiz, Mexico at the Jo Anne Rose Gallery, RCC Lake Anne on Wednesday, June 29, 2-3:30 p.m.

The story begins in the 1970s when young Juan Quezada became fascinated by ancient potshards that lay in the soil of his small, impoverished village near the ancient ruins of Casas Grandes, Mexico.

Quezada tried to make copies of the pots and single-handedly reinvented the ceramic pottery of the Paquime Indians. Through a lucky accident, an American anthropologist discovered Quezada's pottery and recognized it as being among the finest contemporary ceramics found anywhere in the world. Quezada taught his family and neighbors his ceramics techniques and brought prosperity to his village and a whole generation of skilled ceramists to the world.

The story of Juan Quezada and the success of Mata Ortiz is told in the video. Beverly Killpack will answer questions and display several pots from Mata Ortiz after the video.

This presentation is free, but registration is required. You may register either in person or by faxing a completed RCC Registration form to (703) 476-8617. For further information, directions, or to request a reasonable accommodation, contact the Reston Community Center at (703) 476-4500, (703) 476-1514 (TTY) or visit the website at

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