The Twentieth Century Recreation Society Newsletter

After the Big Boo-Boo of 2082, it seemed that Twentieth Century culture had been lost forever. In the past decade, however, the Twentieth Century Recreation Society (T.R.S.) has made tremendous strides in recreating the lives of our twentieth century forebears.


Membership will give you, your clones and mutants a chance to recreate the primitive past and to learn about a culture that, until recently was hidden in the mists of time and radioactivity.

Learn the arts of the 20th Century:

🙂 Net surfing!

🙂 Direct mail!

🙂 Insider trading!

🙂 Commuting!

Dress In 20th Century Garb!

Be the head of a typical 20th Century single occupant household!!!

Join us for Riotous TAB Parties!!!


Join Now and witness the awesome savagery of a 20th Century "Birthday"

In The News:

Washington Post Identified!

For centuries, scholars have been mystified by references to a Washington Post in the fragments of President Goreís video correspondence.

Last week, Dr. Macho Jell-O, Professor of New Wave Studies at the University of New Fresno, ND, identified the elusive Washington Post.

The Post, Jell-O says was "a place of correction...a high tower in the center of the city, where accounts of politicianís misdeeds were posted by outraged citizens...where wrongdoers were singled-out for savage punishment and humiliation.

Leslie Gore's presidency was marred by savage Post criticism, but as she put it, 'It's my party, and I'll lie if I want to.'"